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Sheriff: More drug-related arrests could come in Henry County village

Constance Kelso Constance Kelso
HENRY COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

AToledo woman is behind bars and Henry County officials say more arrests couldbe made as they work to crack down on drugs in the village of McClure.

Narcotics,narcotic equipment and firearms were just some of the items seized from a HenryCounty home. The sheriff says it's part of an ongoing drug investigation.

BoydShugert, pastor at the McClure United Methodist Church across the street fromthe home, says drugs have been a big problem in the small village over the lastfew years.

"Sinceour police force left, what, five, six years ago, we've noticed an increase ofdrug activity because, well, there's just nobody there to enforce anything," hesaid.

Shugertsays things are starting to get better now that Sheriff Bodenbender took over.

Thesheriff says officials conducted a search warrant at the McClure home earlySunday morning and arrested 47-year-old Constance Kelso. They say more arrestscould be on the way, and Shugert says he hopes this cuts down on the drugabuse.

"It'sabout time," he said. "I know it takes time to build cases, but it's nice tosee some action finally happenings."

Thepastor says he's thankful the sheriff is watching out for their town, and hehopes it continues.

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