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19 Action News Gets Action: Gets red light camera bagged!

Parma, OH Parma, OH

On Monday 19 Action News Reporter Scott Taylor made the disturbing discovery that a permanent red light camera was just installed at the corner of Broadview and Brookpark in Parma.

The problem? The city of Parma only allows mobile red light cameras in school zones.

Parma Public Safety Director Greg Baeppler says, "It was brought to our attention that it was erected in the city of Parma and when we found out about it we sent traffic signal people to cover it up."

We did some digging and discovered the red light camera belongs to the city of Cleveland. 

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's office says their vendor made a mistake.

The red light camera wasn't up and running yet and it appears both cities found out about the mistake on Monday, the same day 19 Action News brought it to their attention.

Cleveland officials say the vendor will foot the bill to move the red light camera across the street which is located in the city limits of Cleveland.

City of Cleveland's official statement on red light camera:

The City identified the intersection of Broadview and Brookpark as a location for a red light camera for eastbound traffic.  This location is on the border of Parma and Cleveland and the camera was placed on the Parma side of Brookpark road.  The City and the vendor are working together to move the system to an alternate location.  The camera was never operational and no tickets have been issued. 

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