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Editorial: Fitzgerald Fiasco

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What seemed like a smart campaign move has turned into a political fiasco for Ed Fitzgerald.

Eric Kearney, his hand-picked running mate for Lieutenant Governor has stepped down in a firestorm over back taxes and bumbling by the Fitzgerald campaign. Kearney did bring political panache to the democratic ticket - a prominent black lawmaker from southern Ohio with friends on both sides of the aisle. But what no one anticipated is the unwanted baggage and subsequent backlash that Kearney brought to the table.

The fact that he and his wife owe nearly $900,000 in back taxes is disturbing enough. Even more troubling is that Fitzgerald, a former FBI agent, was caught off guard by the magnitude of his campaign side-kick's mounting debt.

Kearney's quick exit from the race was the right choice and with the election nearly a year away, Fitzgerald has time to recover.

But the Fitzgerald Fiasco raises some legitimate questions about his ability to make that quantum leap----from County Executive to Ohio Governor.

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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