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Romona's Kids: 10-year-old helps others in Kenya

CJ Kelley talks with Romona Robinson CJ Kelley talks with Romona Robinson

Usually during Romona's Kids, Romona brings you stories of children who are doing great things for their community. But, meet a young man who's making an amazing difference for others; people who are thousands of miles away.

CJ Kelley is just ten-years-old but he was inspired by a movie to help the children of Kenya.  

"We watched the movie Hotel Rwanda and when we finished I saw how much they didn't have over there and how much we had over here. So I thought, well we waste a lot of stuff over here, so we could send some of that stuff we waste over here and send it over there," Kelley tells Romona.

A year ago, Kelley helped collect 700 school supplies and gave them to a local doctor who also runs a clinic in Kenya, and visits twice a year to provide health care to the poverty-stricken village where he grew up.

Dr. Bonyo invited CJ and his dad, Cliff, to come along this year to make a delivery of supplies in person.

We caught him, as they packed up to leave.

"It makes us feel very proud that we're teaching him right and that he's actually catching on, along with our other children, he's catching on and doing the right thing," Cliff said.

"We're really glad that we took him serious because he was really sincere about wanting to do something for the children of Africa - for him to actually want to give back, I'm like, oh, very good!" CJ's mother, Mya, said.

"It didn't really come as a surprise to me that he wanted to do something like this because he's such a caring person," CJ's sister, Erin, said.

CJ is well rounded  with plenty of medals and trophies from karate and track and field.

He's also a cub scout. His pack, another place that taught him to think of others,  does everything from raking leaves for the elderly to helping local veterans.

The pack threw a big sendoff party and CJ told his story.

"We have a lot of younger kids and he is an example of what a scout should be, he's loyal and generous and obviously does a lot of goodwill for other people," den leader Jennifer Newrones said.

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