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Locals sound off on Duck Dynasty controversy


Nearly everyone has an opinion on the controversy surrounding Phil Robertson and his statements in GQ magazine. The millionaire businessman and "Duck Dynasty" star condemned homosexuality, based on his Christian beliefs.

"They asked his opinion, and he gave it to them," said Colby Griffin of Baxley. "He was just speaking his mind. Even on the show, he speaks his mind."

"Anybody who knows anything about the Robertsons knows how strongly they believe in the Bible, they should not be surprised by what he said," added Lyn Peacock of Statesboro.

"It was just his opinion. He didn't say anything wrong. He also came back and said he loves all of humanity because God created everyone. He just said their lifestyle was not for him," noted Christy Monk of Twin City."

A&E Network, which carries "Duck Dynasty", suspended Robertson from the show in response to outcries from gay advocacy groups.

Robertson's suspension set off a cyber firestorm. Dozens of Facebook pages call for boycotts of the network.

"I'm right there with them. If they don't bring him back, I'm not watching the show because he's part of the show," Griffin said.

However, the show may not continue. In a statement Friday, Robertson's family said they can't imagine continuing the show without his presence. They announced they are in discussion with A&E about the future of the show.

"I think they'll move on, because they don't need the money," Peacock added.

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