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Husband arrested in wife's shooting death

Diana Fields Edmond Hicks (Source: Facebook) Diana Fields Edmond Hicks (Source: Facebook)

Cleveland Police have arrested Antonio R. Hicks for the murder of his wife, 38-year-old Diana Fields Edmond Hicks.

Diana was shot and killed at 3 a.m. on Saturday, December 21, on East 83rd Street between Cedar Road and Woodland Ave.

Officers say that Diana was fatally shot inside a vehicle driven by Hicks. 

Investigators have determined that the shots were fired from outside of the vehicle and that Diana was then pushed out of the car, along with her purse.

Hicks is accused of fleeing the scene after the incident.

Diana was rushed to MetroHealth Medical Center where she later died.

Hicks was arrested for homicide and charged with aggravated murder.

Diana's family says that she was the mother of five children and had only been married to Hicks for a short time.  Her sister says that Diana was a victim of abuse and they are grateful that Hicks has been taken into custody.

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