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Editorial Response: Pastor John Butchko

Pastor John Butchko Pastor John Butchko
(WOIO) -

I am John Butchko Pastor of Westlake United Methodist Church.

And Caesar Augustus decreed…government!

In 1994 genocide was destroying Rwanda.

Now there are stories coming about a rejuvenated country.  A published book "A Thousand Hills to Heaven" tells how the nation has been reborn.   Cooperation, generosity, creativity including a high-quality restaurant has been a part of the economic climate providing jobs and opportunity.

The same thing is happening here in Cleveland. Channel 19 aired a story of a barbecue ..The Flame ..that is intentionally hiring the homeless.. Jobs.. Hope!

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry here in Cleveland has a program in culinary arts that is training the formerly incarcerated to be chefs, and the program is working.

Governor Kasich is an advocate to tear down barriers to employment for those released from prison. Government!

Social service agencies like Ohio Guidestone have focused on challenging the children, youth and families in their care to see contribution to society as the proper goal for one's life.

There is good news in Greater Cleveland, good news for a joyous new year.

Thank you.

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