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Clevelanders brave cold for work

Working in the cold Working in the cold

Many Clevelanders are forced to brave the cold for their line of work. 

Imagine having to install windows on a cold, winter night.

Several employees with V.I.P Contractors have been busy working long hours on a restoration project at a building on 13th St.

They've been on the job for the past six weeks starting at 3 P.M. until nearly 3 A.M.

"Been doing seven days a week since before Thanksgiving. Pretty much you just got to dress for it . We love Under Armour and warm boots and lots and lots of coffee," says Harry Brenner.

When you're hundreds of feet above the ground it's even worse when the wind kicks up. It's not only dangerous, but its pretty cold.

In order to get through the cold conditions the window installers say they keep an eye on the weather.

"We watch the radar. We always know what the weather is going to do so we're always prepared," says Brenner.

M.V.P. Valets are parking cars off of East 4th St. in Cleveland. Employees say it's just part of the drill.

They can't let the weather slow them down.

"Something you just deal with . Just dress for it. Run around, get the blood pumping," says Jamos French.

Experts say wear at least three layers of clothes like wool or silk.

You should also put on a hat. 40% of body heat is lost when your head is exposed.

You can get dehydrated when it's cold . Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine.

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