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WWII memento returned to Zwolle family 70 years later

Almost 7 decades after the Torres family in Zwolle lost 3 sons in World War II a lost memento has made it back to the family from across the seas. 

The Torres family has a legacy in the town. Four of the family's sons fought in the war, and three of the sons would die. Ernest Torres survived. The bodies of the men were brought back to the town on the same day in 1945. 

"No one has sacrificed more than Mrs.Torres," says a Zwolle community member. 

"It was a hard time for everybody," says Zwolle Mayor Pie Martinez. 

Josephine Torres, the mother of the 4 men, captured the emotions of the time in a book called "Brave Josie".

"New tears would fall as I kept thinking, I will never see his smile or hear his voice again. Oh, how I hurt," written by Pauline Busher Cordova about the emotions Josephine Torres was enduring at the time. 

Earlier this year the Torres family received a phone call from Professor Cody Bruce. 

"It's very surprising, because Zwolle is such a small town," says Bruce. 

Bruce says in May he received an email from the Collier Family in Sutton Veny, England. He says the couple found a dog tag that belonged to Ernest Torres. 

"Wow unbelievable, I could not believe it," says Ernest's Granddaughter Tina Torres. 

Bruce returned the Dog Tag to the Torres family during their family reunion in July. 

"He would have them in his pocket right now, and he would be showing them to everybody," says Torres about her grandfather. 

The dog tag now sits in the home of Ernest's wife. 

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