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Cleveland fans react to Browns coach firing

Fans react to Brown's coach getting fired. Fans react to Brown's coach getting fired.

In the middle of a busy lunch hour at the Winking Lizard in downtown Cleveland, the place is quiet, except for the sounds of President Joe Banner and Team Owner Jimmy Haslam addressing reporters at a press conference.

Browns fans are glued to every TV screen, but what's said doesn't seem to change their minds much about how they feel towards a team that's like a bad relationship in desperate need of a break up.

"Sadness.  It's just been years and years of the same stuff," says Drew Hensley of Cleveland.

"It's come to a point where I'm feeling indifferent about the team," says Jason Muraco of Mentor.

"We should fire the team - everybody," says Judy Horvath emphatically.

The firing of Coach Rob Chudzinski after one season is like one more merry-go-round ride that you just can't get off of.

"Little disappointing. It's the same old thing every year.  Hit the recycle button," says Matt Tomko of Parma.

"Here we go again - another year of rebuilding, another coach.  We got to have some stability," adds Meredith Fergus of Avon.

Something had to be done though - right?

"In watching the games, some of the plays I saw were totally ridiculous," says Dan Greene of Moreland Hills.

"Four in 12 - that's a pretty terrible season,"  adds Muraco.

"Should have given him another year though, but it is what it is," adds Hensley.

What should happen next?  That's the billion dollar question that Browns fans used to jump at answering when I'd ask - not now.

"I can't even say. I'm at such a loss for words right now.  I don't even know who to go after," says Bob Miner of Olmsted Falls.

"We love them. I hope they can get it together, I really do," adds Fergus.

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