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Steve Schimoler: Rock Hall Inductee's editorial

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Hi I am Steve Schimoler chef and musician.

You know this year's Rock Hall inductees includes some no-brainers like Peter Gabriel and Kiss, even though I was never a big fan, I understand the nod. But Cat Stevens...really?

There are so many other acts that are more worthy and have been totally snubbed for years.   How can the Moody Blues not be there? Mega bands like Chicago and Yes are mysteriously absent. What else does Willie Nelson have to achieve to get in?

We all have our personal tastes for food and music and both are highly subjective. While I may love brussel sprouts and you despise them, it doesn't mean they don't have a place in the food hall of fame...if there was one.

You might think Duran Duran was awesome. I couldn't bear to listen to them but watch - they'll be inducted before someone like Jimmy Buffet.

So whose tastes are really choosing the bands and artists that get the honor of being inducted? No idea but maybe the selection committee should have a bunch of chefs on it as we are all supposed to have a great balanced sense of taste.

I'm Steve Schimoler and that's the way I taste it.

Thank you.

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