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Editorial Response: Jeanne Hood

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My name is Jeanne Hood.  I am a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother. I am also a birth mother. That means that I gave birth to a baby boy in 1957 and he was placed for adoption.

I didn't know what happened to him for over forty years. Then, in 1998, he found me and I was overjoyed looking into his eyes and feeling the love I held for all those years. Sadly, he recently passed away. Forty precious years when we could have been in each other's lives are lost.  

Today, there is openness in adoption, I support that. In adoption, there should be no secrets, no lies or shame. Adoption network Cleveland is a non-profit organization that supports all those connected to adoption and foster care for the lifelong journey.  There is also a current film about a woman like me, named Philomena. If you know someone who is adopted, remember the woman who loved him first---a woman like me.

Thank you.  

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