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Toledo Police watching for tire thieves

ToledoPolice are working to put an end to a string of car tire and rim thefts thathave been happening for months. They say dozens of owners wake up to find theircars on blocks and their tires missing.

Policesay they've seen a spike in these thefts over the last six months. The mostrecent case occurred Monday morning, when Jim Lazzari woke up to find his carwith a smashed window and minus four wheels.

"It'spretty unbelievable that the car is sitting here in the driveway or aresidential neighborhood and you think, ‘This isn't going to happen aroundhere,'" said Lazzari.

ButToledo Police say it's been happening throughout the city. They believe severalpeople are using a stolen SUV to scope out cars and snatch the wheels.

"They'llcome in the middle of the night or the very early morning hours, take all the lugnuts off the wheels, put the cars on blocks and come back to take the wheels,"said Sgt. Michael McGee with the Toledo Police Department.

It'shappening to cars parked just feet away from residences. Police are hoping thepublic can help put a stop to these thefts by being extra sets of eyes andears. They're asking people to keep a close eye on their neighborhoods and callwhen they see anything suspicious – like a vehicle they don't recognize.

"Theseguys are good, but we're coming," McGee said. "We're going to get them."

Lazzarisays he hopes the thieves are caught before anyone else is hit.

"It'stotally frustrating," he said. "You don't need this at the holidays."

Anyonewho sees or hears something suspicious should call 911 or Toledo Police.

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