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ODOT, OSHP implements safety upgrades to I-90 in wake of accidents

Christmas Eve crash on I-90 in Lake County Christmas Eve crash on I-90 in Lake County

Safety is the number one priority for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP).

Following last week's accidents in the I-90 construction zone in Lake County, these two agencies have partnered to implement safety upgrades throughout the work zone.

On Saturday, December 28, ODOT crews placed construction barrels along the right shoulder of I-90 eastbound between State Route 44 and Vrooman Road. Contractors will be adding additional barrels with steady burn amber lights to help motorists better identify the edge of the roadway.

"These construction barrels will help motorist navigate the edge of the pavement to avoid driving onto the soft shoulders," said ODOT District 12 Deputy Director, Myron Pakush. "The steady burn lights will help motorists while traveling this corridor at night and during snow and ice events."

For increased stabilization, the contractor will be adding a three-foot temporary concrete shoulder at various locations along I-90 eastbound in the next two weeks that will strengthen the existing soft shoulder.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol will be increasing enforcement efforts in this area to regulate motorists' speed through the work zone. These patrols will occur seven days a week.

"When traveling through this construction zone, motorists need to be cognizant of the posted reduced speed limit of 55 mph," stated Lieutenant Mark Neff, Commander of the Chardon Highway Police Post. "When weather conditions warrant, motorists need to lower their speed further and maintain sufficient distance from the vehicle they are following in the event traffic slows or stops suddenly."

Radar speed trailers will be placed at various locations east and westbound to display motorists' current speed along with additional 'Reduced Speed Ahead' and 55 mph speed limit signs to encourage them to obey the posted speed limit.

 Trucks using I-90 eastbound east of SR 44 are currently directed to use the left lane and additional signage will be added to remind them.

 During snow and ice events, ODOT has dedicated six snowplows to plow and salt I-90 around the clock to ensure the work zone is safe and clear for the motoring public.

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