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Romona's Kids: The Singleton's

The Singleton kids, Sydnie, Shelbie and Sean are already published authors - their book, "Thinkie Winks on the Move."

It encourages and inspires children to have a positive outlook, and dream big dreams. Thinkie Winks are cartoon characters that correspond to nine virtues in a bible passage.

"There's love joy peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith and self control and then that kind of helps remind them what they're supposed to do," said Sydnie. "I was thinking we could do a 'kind word' activity."

The kids brainstorm new ideas together and even hope to turn their stories into an animated t-v show.

12-year-old Sydnie loves to take the book and read it to younger children.

Another character, "Peace" was born because of something that happened to fourth-grader Shelbie at school -- she stood up for a friend who was being bullied.

"I said that if that was you, would you like to get bullied, and the person just walked away from us," stated Shelbie.

And "Patience" probably isn't something you would connect to a second grade boy - but that's the story Sean contributed to the book.

"Patience was a story when I had this wiggly tooth and I kept wiggling it - and then I kept being patient," added Sean. 

The children say, their huge hearts come from their parents.

"I am, I'm a very proud mom, I'm ecstatic about what the kids are doing, my kids have given their lunch breaks up to help other children in the classroom who have special needs," said Gia Singleton. 

And all three kids already have big dreams of their own!

"I wanna be a pediatrician," said Shelbie.

"A lawyer or judge," added Sydnie.

"Sean, what do you want to do," asked Romona.

"I wanna be the President of the United States and live in the White House," answered Sean.

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