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Brimfield Police Chief rants about the legalization of marijuana

Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver

Chief Oliver of the Brimfield Police Department says that he is not trying to win any popularity contests with any of his Facebook posts; in particularly his latest.

On Saturday, January 4, he posted a Facebook rant that he expects will have "the weed folks to fall out of the sky, like an army of Dorito eating guerillas."

The chief says quite simply marijuana is a drug and that he along with the rest of the force sees the effects of drug use on a regular basis and that he is against legalizing it.

"I am weary with the comparison to alcohol, cigarettes and any other thing that is used for a crutch in the effort to lower the public's guard and legalize weed. There is an unheard of amount of money being poured into an effort to portray weed as this harmless drug from mother earth….just so people can get high?? Really? Leaving out the fact that getting high is just plain ignorant…where are the morals of this country going?" says Chief Oliver.

It is the chief's belief that if marijuana is legalized the addiction rates will increase; drug cartels will make millions more and more people will be killed to protect the "fertile and legal American market".

In the end, the chief says what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong and that's the story that he's sticking to… period!

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