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Clevelanders brace themselves for subzero temperatures

Woman walking in downtown Cleveland Woman walking in downtown Cleveland

The winter storm that's on it's way is supposed to of course bring snow, but also temperatures we haven't seen since 1994. People in the Cleveland area are getting ready and will hopefully heed to warnings for both humans and pets.

"I got my extra coat, my scarf in here. I got a blanket here," says Shelesa Weeks as she shows off what's inside her car trunk.

Weeks is well prepared for the second round of what could be an even more punishing winter storm - the second in just a week.

"I feel as though this is the calm before the storm, before the arctic blast they are predicting," added Weeks.

There's so much snow left behind from the last blast of winter weather many are still walking in the streets and bundling up to stay warm.

"This is a very Cleveland winter that we have not had for a very long time, and it's taking a lot of people by surprise, but this is what I remember growing up here, and it's back!" says Miranda Seals of Cleveland.

So many stocking up on groceries planning to stay inside for at least the next couple of days. Alysa Arnold says she'll keep her kids home from school if the temperatures plunge the way they are predicted to.

"If it's that cold like they say it's going to be."

Some tips from experts: Never use your oven to heat your house; Keep space heaters at least three feet away from flammable objects; Wear a hat, and in subzero temperatures, make sure your scarf is covering your face.

Keep in mind below zero temperatures are not only dangerous to us but also animals.  Over the next several hours the air temperature could fall to 20 plus degrees below zero.  

"They are loved ones too, so we have to look out for them," added Weeks. 

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