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Will the Browns finally get their man?


Cleveland (WOIO) - When the Browns cut Rob Chudzinski loose after only one season, I firmly believed they already had a replacement in place. Forget the talk of doing due diligence and exploring all options. Wouldn't make sense to blow things up again and go through multiple interviews, only to get rejected by your top choice, again (see: Chip Kelly). But maybe that is the deal for the Browns. Maybe the realization that Chud wasn't the right guy outweighed the possibility, and fear, of not finding that guy again this time.

Consider the Bob Stoops rumors. One day he's in the mix and considered a frontrunner, the next day he's out of the mix, with many wondering if the lack of interest was actually on his part.

This brings up yet another nightmare scenario for the Browns. If they don't have a rock solid short list of coaches they want, and know are interested in the job, they could end up scrambling for a third-or-fourth choice again. Even Jimmy Haslam admitted, it's legitimate to ask why any well-qualified coach would want to come to Cleveland. And to me, the concern would be because of the moves in the front office, not on the field.

A soon-to-be former assistant coach with the Browns admitted to me last week that he's never seen anything like this, and that the feeling among the coaches is that clearly Chud was never really Banner's guy. That's alarming, especially when you consider it's possible the same situation could happen again.

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