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Charges for not bringing pets indoors

Leaving your pets outside Leaving your pets outside

It is against the law to leave your pets outside in this winter weather. So, we investigated the law. How often does this happen?

How could any pet lover leave an animal out in this brutal weather? We found a handful of people getting charged for leaving animals out too long in all kinds of weather.

Cleveland has a law restricting how long and when you can leave an animal tied up outside.

The city clerk's office says no one was cited for that in 2012. Four people  were cited last year. But, the dog warden calls that misleading since pet owners have also been cited under other animal laws.

Cleveland's tethering law says, year-round you can't leave an animal out tied up in extreme temps. But, you can't leave the animal out overnight. In addition, not for more than two hours when you're not home. And, not for more than six hours when you are there.

On Thornhill, records show Willie Jackson left a pit bull tied up outside overnight on a cold, December night. We made multiple trips to see the people charged under this law, but we found no one home.

Jackson is now considered wanted for not showing for court. While others charged for this have paid small fines.

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