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Shelters across NE Ohio opening to those in need

Shelters open to those in need Shelters open to those in need

While many of us are fortunate to be indoors tonight. Others are out in the cold.

Shelters across the area are bringing those less fortunate, inside to stay warm.

Inside the shelter at 2100 Lakeside, they're getting a special treat.  Dinner from Bubba's Q in Avon.  Ribs, chicken and chili were on the menu Monday afternoon.

Meals for 50 people were donated by someone who just wanted to help.

"I figured I would get some warm food, some ribs. Some of our boneless ribs that not everybody may have had a chance to try and bring them down here to some guys that would appreciate 'em," Brittani Baker, from Bubba's Q, said.

The men in the center do appreciate a hot meal and a warm bed, especially when the temperatures outside are well below zero.

"We'll be over 400 today. We'll be at capacity and, fortunately, we have some partners that help us with overflow,"   Michael Sering from Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries said.

The dangerous dip in temperature makes it risky to sleep out on the streets.

So, men filled several area shelters to keep from freezing and to avoid frost bite.

The City Mission on E. 55th St. is full too. And the workers here consider this weather a crisis.

"We're in 24/7 operation mode, so emergency weather conditions, we are 24/7," Michael Parry, from City Mission, said.  "The goal is just to bring people in off the street, keep them safe, warm, dry and fed."

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