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Crews working to restore natural gas service in Lorain County

St. Mary's warming shelter, Elyria St. Mary's warming shelter, Elyria

Columbia Gas crews are nearly finished with shutting off all the gas lines to homes that lost natural gas on Monday night. Approximately 2,200 customers are affected in Elyria, Eaton Township and North Ridgeville.

Once all the meters have been shut down, the entire system will have to be purged, a process that will take several hours. Shutting down the gas has taken longer than expected because some people fled their homes due to the cold so crews had to dig at the curb to shut down the outside supply valve to the homes.

People who leave their houses should leave contact information on the door so that repair crews can contact them.

Once the system is fully charged, crews will have to make a second stop to each of the 2,200 homes effected to turn the gas back on and do a safety check of the furnaces.

Anyone with special needs should contact Columbia Gas at 800-344-4077.

Warming shelters are open at:

  • St. Mary's Hall, 320 Middle Avenue in Elyria
  • General Johnnie Wilson Middle School - 2700 Washington Ave in Lorain
  • North Eaton Christian Church - 35895 Royalton - Eaton Twp.
  • Ruby's Hall - 36709 Royalton - Eaton Twp.
  • Ross Environmental Services 150 Innovation Drive - S. Elyria

There is no estimate on when all of the homes will be back on line.

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