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Toledo tows cars parked on residential streets to plow

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The city of Toledo began towing cars parked on residential streets Tuesday, which are preventing plows from clearing snow, and continued the process Wednesday.

The city moved cars to nearby plowed streets at no charge to owners. Cars were never impounded.

"As part of a Level 3 Snow Emergency, the city has the right to tow cars that are parked on residential streets that are hampering the city's ability to plow residential streets," city officials declared in a statement.

Neighbors gave a mixed reaction to the process: Some complained it was a waste of time, while others were glad to see the city taking the extra step.

"We've been here 38 years. This is the first time they've ever done this, this year ya. Hopefully they'll keep going," said Christy Edmonds.

"To have us move our cars over and plow it. First time they've had us do that ever. Most time they just plow with cars there," said Stephanie Dybowski.

Owners of towed cars can call the Toledo Police non-emergency number at 419-245-3340 for more information.

At this point, the city is not planning to do any more "towing and plowing." However, the city will start using front end loaders to get down residential streets where plowing has been a challenge.

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