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Indians: No changes to Chief Wahoo

It was a tweet that knocked fans out of the park.  It said, "Indians changing primary logo to the Block-C.  No change to uniforms, Wahoo still on home cap, sleeves."

"I don't think they should change it", "I was surprised"  and "I don't see what the big deal is" were reactions from some Tribe fans.

Suddenly stories popped up all over the internet about the change, saying the Indians were trying to faze the longtime logo out - that fans would see less the Chief.  

Cleveland Indians reps say the tweet is completely false.

Indians uniforms will remain exactly the same.  Fan gear will remain the way it is.  Chief Wahoo staying put. 

But the tweet and conversation that's followed may not be from out of left field. The red hot controversy surrounding the Redskins mascot probably is turning up the heat on mascots and logos everywhere.  

The bigger question may be even if the Chief were to get the tomahawk chop and leave the tribe - would anyone really care?  

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