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Does being 'last' help Browns?

Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt

Being last may actually benefit the Cleveland Browns for once. In this case, they're last in sitting down with Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, who's become a hot commodity.

The Browns will meet with Whisenhunt in Denver on Saturday, two days after Whisenhunt met with the Detroit Lions, and one day after he interviewed with the Tennessee Titans. All this, while preparing a game plan for Sunday's playoff game against the Broncos. 

So how will being last in the process help the Browns? Because Saturday's the one day this week that Whisenhunt will truly be able to focus on something other than his upcoming playoff game. By Saturday, the pre-game work is done. In any event, Whisenhunt made it clear the interviews will not affect his preparation for Sunday.

"The only thing that's important to me, to be perfectly honest with you, is getting prepared for this game and that's the work that has got my focus right now," Whisenhunt said on Thursday.

The drawback to the Browns being third in this process? Having the Lions, with their potent offense and ferocious defense, sell their product first. 

Whisenhunt can't officially strike a deal with another team until the Chargers are eliminated from the playoffs. The Browns must hope that a handshake deal isn't reached before they get their shot.

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