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Hydra Facials offer cure for winter skin

Winter skin can be the source of constant discomfort.

It seems you can't ever get enough lotion on to satisfy your thirsty skin.  Along with a perpetual runny nose or cough, dry skin is a constant winter woe.

Lynn Wagner has fought seasonal dry skin a number of ways, but she is now a believer in the "Hydra Facial."

Dr. Michael Wojtanowski says it infuses extra hydration, something you especially need during the winter when your skin isn't producing enough oil.

"It literally opens up the door, opens up all these microscopic pores and with the little technology, hand piece.  It pushes moisture down into the skin," he said.

Wojtanowski says word is getting out about its effectiveness.

"It's standing room only.  We have a waiting list of clients wanting to do this," he said.

Wagner says her skin instantly looks and feels better.

"It feels very nice, like a baby's butt," she said.

Another patient perk is no downtime or days of peeling. You can apply make up right away and walk out the door.

"It keeps skin hydrated better than anything else we've had in my 33 yrs of practice. It's amazing technology.  It's a really simple thing to go through.  It doesn't hurt, not uncomfortable…takes about a half hour," said Wojtanowski.

He says the time and money patients invest pay off better than other options on the market.

"You can go to Saks or Neiman Marcus and buy a bottle of moisturizer for $400, and it lasts you five minutes once you put it on your face."

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