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Police: Children sent to hospital after drinking bleach at daycare


One of the owners of a daycare in Kings Mountain called the incident where several children drank bleach-tainted water, " a terrible mistake."

Jeff Bolin, a co-owner of Bolin's Day Care Center, told WBTV someone left the pitcher on the counter over the weekend and his wife unknowingly put it in the refrigerator Monday morning.

Kings Mountain Police were called to the business on Ramseur Street but paramedics had already taken most of the dozen children who drank the water to the hospital as a precaution.

Bolin said, "an ounce of Clorox that was put in a gallon of water Friday afternoon. We had no clue that was being sanitized otherwise we'd never do anything to hurt children."

They gave children water from that same pitcher with their afternoon snack but knew immediately something was wrong.

"Several kids threw up right away," he recalled. "But we found out that's more of a natural thing that happens."

Bolin called 9-1-1 and said paramedics took most of the children to the hospital as a precaution.

Despite those scary moments, he says most of the parents understood.

"[We] had a lot of feedback from parents coming back saying that they still supported us and that they were fine, their kids would be back tomorrow," he said. "I would be upset, too but if you really thing about it, we did what was best for the kids to get checked out."

WBTV checked and the state last inspected Bolin's Day Care in July.

The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services found 5 minor violations, including two regarding proper medical documentation. All were corrected within a month

We've also learned DHHS gives this daycare center a superior sanitation rating and they received 233 points out of a possible 235.

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