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Roman empire? Not yet


Cleveland (WOIO) - There's an offensive coordinator out there, just waiting for a shot to be an NFL head coach, and he knows Cleveland well. He's a John Carroll grad, and his team's playing in the conference championship this weekend, with a trip to the Super Bowl at stake. So why isn't anybody talking him up?

I'm not referring to Josh McDaniels, the Patriots OC who already turned the Browns down. I'm talking about Greg Roman, the 49'ers OC, who helped ignite the San Francisco offense to the tune of 406 points and a 12-4 record.

Roman was actually on the Redskins' radar, but they went with Jay Gruden instead. Maybe some teams, including the Browns, aren't enamored with his run-first philosophy. But Roman's been with the 49'ers for three years, following Jim Harbaugh up the road from Stanford, and every year the offense has improved.

The Browns are seemingly sold on Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase, who can produce even better numbers than Roman. Far better. As in almost 38 points per game (606 total), and an air attack that is nothing short of spectacular. Then again, Gase is working with Peyton Manning.

So the wait continues, and if all goes well, both Gase and Roman could stay busy for another few weeks. And right now, it appears the Browns are only waiting for one of them. 

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