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Local teen makes it big

Alex Angelo Alex Angelo
Alex Angelo Alex Angelo

Look out Justin Bieber...a local kid is gunning for your crown as king of the tweens!

His new single debuted on Disney Tuesday night.

The talented 13 year old from Brecksville is a triple threat. He's a singer, a dancer and a DJ.  He's opened for Pit Bull and Carly Rae Jepsen and now he's preparing for his first tour next month.

Alex Angelo wants to be a household name.  His new song "It's Your Night" is now out and he's already working on his next hit.

He never seems to stop dancing, already dabbles in song writing and earned the money for all his own DJ equipment.

This 13-year old is committed to a future in the music industry.

"I want to be the next Bieber.  I want to be as big as the next Bibber. But I want to be clean cut. I'm a normal kid doing not so normal things," said Angelo.

He start dancing with the Cavaliers Scream Team at age six, and got the bug for performing.

"That's when it really started to show that…he's catching on really quick. He has a love for dance, and it just started to take off," said Angelo's mom, Tina Gutierrez.

Next month he goes to tour with teen heartthrob Austin Mahone.

"We're going to many different locations.  Most of the shows are sold out and its going to be amazing," said Angelo.

He's able to manage his demanding schedule and lofty ambitions with the help of Ohio Connections Academy. He's an online 7th grader.

 "This is a whole new world and we're really having fun.  We're enjoying it. The kids are learning and it's most helpful with our schedule," said Gutierrez.

He may be on the cusp of making it big, but back home in Brecksville, he still has to get his homework done before he hits the turntables.

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