Father's warning to other parents after son's death

Ray Homyk, Matthew Homyk's father
Ray Homyk, Matthew Homyk's father

Matthew Homyk's father spoke out Thursday about the loss of his son.   He believes bullying led to the death of his son in Brunswick last week.

Homyk was a sweet, kind, good looking 14-year-old freshman at Brunswick High School.

Matt's father, Ray Homyk says, "Matt was a great kid. We have a lot of memories with times with family."

Just last year, Matt helped lead his middle school lacrosse team to 4th place in Ohio.

"He was a goalie and he was fantastic," Ray said.

Last week Matt took his own life.  Ray says cyber bullying on websites like Ask.fm, where you can make anonymous posts, led to his death.

"Well I know a couple of times they said to go kill himself."

Dr. Deborah Koricke is a psychologist, who works with teens who are suicidal. She says social media has made it even easier for bullies to pick their target. But there are signs that your child may be in trouble.  "You gotta try to get your kids to talk to you."

"If their child is withdrawn, if their grades are going down, if they're always in their room, if they're not socializing, if you see a dramatic change, negative. You gotta do something about it," Dr. Koricke added.

Ray says Matt stuttered since he first spoke, wore his hair long, was into music, video games and social media.

He was shy around new people.

Ray believes other Brunswick High School students attacked his son online for being, different.

He believes websites should do away with anonymous posting by kids.

"I am furious.  I am furious with Ask.fm, furious with it."

19 Action News has reached out to Ask.fm, but we have yet to receive a response.

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