Cleveland Hts. woman speaks out about partner's brutal attack

Montford Road, Cleveland Heights
Montford Road, Cleveland Heights

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A woman was brutally attacked as she walked home Monday evening. This attack was just two nights after a similar beating  happened only streets away.

Now, for the first time, the partner of the victim is speaking out.

"They grabbed her. They grabbed her arms back behind her and started punching her face. They punched her three times in the left eye. Eventually they went through her pockets but it almost didn't seem to her like robbery was the main motive,"  Lisa Rainsong said.

Rainsong is describing what happened when her partner went for a short walk in the neighborhood Monday night.

The victim is 50-years-old and said two teenagers attacked her.

"She's doing so much better. She's recovering well," Rainsong said.

There was another incident Saturday, Jan. 11. Police cars were visible in the neighborhood Thursday night. Cleveland Heights police say they're aggressively investigating the crimes and have not ruled out the possibility the two attacks are related.

The police chief in Cleveland Heights spent a couple of hours meeting with about 25 residents from the area where the attacks occurred. Residents are upset and concerned.

"Mostly this has not been that kind of neighborhood where something like this would happen. We're really pretty shocked," Rainsong added.

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