Scam artist asks to return to prison; judge says no

Florida man gets prison term for house flipping

He is a man who bought hundreds of foreclosed homes from banks, forged titles to make them appear more valuable than they really were and sold them at inflated prices.

His real name is Blaine Murphy, he did business as Brice Peters and his business was a dirty one, leaving a trail of more than 200 homes devastated in Slavic Village.

He came to court asking for early release, his lawyer listed goals he wanted to accomplish to help Cleveland that rivaled Mother Theresa.

Councilman Tony Brancatelli who earlier pushed for prison for Murphy told the judge if he released him, he'd like stiff conditions. Judge Richard McMonagle granted the release, with restitution, payment of back and current income taxes and full time volunteer work in the neighborhood where he was ordered to live. Murphy stood and said it was too much.

"I appreciate the opportunity here but I respectfully ask to be sent back…," says Murphy.

His request was denied.

It is unclear when Murphy will begin his work paying back, but as Judge McMonagle made clear, he will begin paying back.

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