Police arrest homicide suspect, Kidnapped child rescued, Saturday weather

Luis Nitsche, 23
Luis Nitsche, 23

Police have arrested the suspect involved in a homicide on the city's West Side. Wanted suspect Luis Nitsche, 23 was arrested at 1:30 a.m. Saturday near West 174th Street and Parkmount Avenue. Police say Nitsche shot 34-year-old Laweldon McDowell on Friday, January 17th around 12:30 a.m. at 8201 Madison Avenue. Witnesses say that two men were fighting outside when the suspect pulled out a handgun and shot McDowell one time. McDowell was transported by private car to MetroHealth Medical Center, where he died from his injuries.

19 Action News has the inside story of how a child was rescued after a man kidnapped her from a parked car that was left running. The car thief suddenly told the little girl to get out of the car. She went looking for help, and found it from a person working late at a beauty salon. The six-year-old girl walked up to the Mike Davis Beauty Salon in Garfield Heights.  Vance Nichols was about to leave for the night.  "She was real upset. Crying. I asked her what was going on, and she said 'he put me out.' She was confused," Nichols told 19 Action News. As the girl wandered for help, her mother was calling police, looking for her daughter. Before the kidnapping, the young girl was with her mother and cousin at the Open Pantry, a corner store, on 131st St. in Garfield Heights. Both adults ran in the convenience store for a moment. They left the child in the car. Then, a thief jumped into the car and took off. Garfield Heights Police found suspect Dwone Moore. They arrested him after a chase, and they even used a taser and a police dog during the arrest. Moore is pleading not guilty to a series of charges. He has a long past record, and police say he was high on PCP. In the end, the child is safe because of a man making an honest living, working late.

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