Clevelanders honor MLK with service

Clevelanders honor MLK with service
Volunteers spend MLK Day altering toys for the handicap in Cleveland
Volunteers spend MLK Day altering toys for the handicap in Cleveland

Adifeah Rengaswamy takes a lot of pride in adapting toys so they can be used by disabled children.

He says, "It gives me a good feeling inside."

His work is his way of observing the spirit of Martin Luther King Junior.

Adifeah is one of 75 volunteers working on four different projects.

One includes building 300 of bus kits for the homeless, complete with socks and an all day pass to celebrate MLK's past, present and future.

Across town a nine-year-old boy carries a bag clothes up a flight a stairs where they'll be stock piled inside with the other donations until they're distributed to the needy.

We can't forget about the volunteers with a group called MedWish International who spent Monday morning sorting out medical equipment to be delivered to developing countries.

Not to be left out of the day of service are the volunteers with the group Sub Zero Mission, believing nobody should freeze to death in America.

They brought even more clothes but these are for the area's homeless war vets; including coats, hats, gloves and tents.

They are all fitting gestures on the only federal holiday observed as a National Day of Service.

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