NFL considering doing out with the extra point

NFL considering doing out with the extra point

(WOIO) - One of the NFL's signature plays could be eliminated in the near future. On Monday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the league is examining proposals to do away with the extra point try.

"The extra point is almost automatic," Goodell said. "I believe we had five missed extra points this year out of 1,200 some odd attempts. So it's a very small fraction of the play, and you want to add excitement with every play. There's one proposal in particular that I've heard about. It's automatic that you get seven points when you score a touchdown, but you could potentially go for an eighth point, either by running or passing the ball, so if you fail, you go back to six."

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is one of the proponents to make the change, citing the same reasons, that the extra point has become automatic in the NFL over the years.

Extra points in the NFL have had a 99.1% success rate since 2004. Eliminating the extra point kick would make it a lot harder for kickers to lead the league in total points scored. In 2013 kickers held the top 17 spots for total points scored, coming in at number 18 is Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles.

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