Tips to protect your family from carbon monoxide

Tips to protect your family from carbon monoxide

Every time that furnace kicks on, there's potential for problems. The most dangerous could kill you.

It's time to review the carbon monoxide warning. 19 Action News Reporter Dan Deroos hooked up with Patrick Kotek with H. Jack's Plumbing and Heating Wednesday.

Kotek says you should have your furnace checked by a certified contractor every year, because anything can go wrong from one season to the next.

There are a couple things that can happen in the course of a year that can allow the invisible odorless gas into your home.

First, the vent pipe that takes the deadly gas out of your home. "You want to make sure it is completely sealed. Every joint is glued together," adds Kotek.

Also, make sure the vent pipe on the outside of your home isn't clogged and blocked by ice or snow.

It's also possible for there to be cracks in the furnace itself. A tune-up by a certified technician will cost under $100.

There's also the inexpensive co-detector that will help detect the deadly gas.  Remember, there should be a detector on every level of your home, plus in the area of your bedrooms.

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