Cold workers in Cleveland

Cold workers in Cleveland

It's not the biting, record breaking deep freeze from earlier this month, but it's still bitter cold out there.

"Two weeks ago, that was an 11 out of one to 10, but today is probably around seven or eight," said bike messenger, Terry Warfield.

Those earning a living outside today are still trying to keep their exposure to a minimum.

"Probably about 60-70 percent of my time while I'm working is outside," Warfield said.

"Normally I'm wearing insulated Carhartts.  I don't have those on right now and I usually have my ears covered which I don't," a construction worker said, regretfully.

Construction crews working on the new Westin Hotel say their equipment can start acting a little funny when it's this cold.

"Sometimes when the windows aren't in, things seem to freeze up every now and then," said David Fedak.

"The tires stiffen up a little bit, but that kind of helps with all the pot holes we have," joked Warfield.

At the West Side Market, produce vendors are taking special care of more vulnerable products so they don't turn black.

"We do have to take preventive measures like wrapping our avocados and our bananas from catching chill. We have to take more product down at night," said Greg Shuck.

But many in town would agree....working in the cold is better than not working at all.

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