Lifebanc gives families hope

Lifebanc volunteer Lynda Allen Corea
Lifebanc volunteer Lynda Allen Corea

A local mother is a perfect example of why it's so important to be an organ and tissue donor.

Lynda Allen Corea has turned her grief into a mission.

"This is the banner we have for The Gift of Life Walk and Run...for team M.A.C.," stated Lynda.

M.A.C. is Michael Allen Corea, Lynda's son.

He didn't live long enough to see all his dreams come true -- but in his death he lives and he made history in the process.

He received a liver in 1997 and gave much more in 2006 after he was killed in a motorcycle accident six days before graduating from Ohio State.

"It was amazing. He was able to donate his heart, his lungs, his cornea and all of his tissue.  I can tell you that brought us much peace," added Lynda.

He received a liver at age 13 and signed up to be a organ donor.

His mother became devout about volunteering for Lifebanc.

"For me Lifebanc also is a hero.  It's an organization that has given me the opportunity to celebrate Mike's life, to help other people and to heal along the way," she solidifies.

Inspired by her son his mom Lynda turned her grief into helping others. "I can offer some hope I think.  That's the thing I really want to do is offer hope to these families that after they do their grieving and they do walk their grief path, that there is hope."

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