Cuyahoga Sheriff Captain accused of stealing $50,000

Cuyahoga Sheriff Captain accused of stealing $50,000
Michael Jackson (Source: Cuyahoga Co. Sheriff's Department)
Michael Jackson (Source: Cuyahoga Co. Sheriff's Department)

A captain with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's department accused of stealing $50,000 from the sheriff's evidence room has resigned.

So just how did Captain Michael Jackson get away with stealing cash inside the sheriff's department?

19 Action News' Scott Taylor reports that no one was watching.

You would think an evidence room in the sheriff's department would have security cameras all over it, capturing everything on video.

The sheriff's evidence room does have a camera, but it's not working.

19 Action News reports on sheriff deputies busting bad guys every day and seizing cash and drugs that land in an evidence room.

Now Captain Jackson, who was in charge of that evidence room, is accused of stealing more than $50,000 that used to belong to criminals.

Jackson, a 27-year veteran of the sheriff's department, was busted on January 21.

He's facing multiple charges, including theft in office and tampering with records.

When Scott Taylor knocked on his front door he didn't receive a response.

He also did some digging and was shocked to discover surveillance video isn't rolling in the evidence room.

A camera is mounted but it hasn't worked for years.

Though the allegations are an embarrassment to the office, the incident shouldn't tarnish the record of Sheriff Frank Bova.

Bova took office last year and Jackson is accused of stealing the money in 2012.

The crime was uncovered after Sheriff Bova requested an audit of every division under his command.

Now, Bova is considering putting cameras that work inside the evidence room.

Captain Jackson is out of jail on a $10,000 bond.

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