Police outside store overnight: Special attention or special treatment?

Police outside store overnight: Special attention or special treatment?

19 Action News investigation has found a Cleveland Police patrol car parked outside a gas station and convenience store all night, every night.  So we're asking why?

It's going on at the Marathon gas station located at East 55th and Woodland Ave.

Two officers get assigned every night from midnight to 5 a.m.

It has been happening for weeks.

A manager there said his bosses made a special request for officers to park at the gas station in addition to security inside the store because the neighborhood is rough.

Yet is this fair to everyone?

"Sometimes at night it gets a little rough, and that's when I think the city needs to get involved," said Mo Salem.

From time-to-time we have seen trouble outside the store including fights, shootings, and rowdiness but we've learned the cars that sit there overnight don't answer 911 calls.

And some folks would rather see more patrols.

The police department says the overnight car is not to "protect a particular business." "...there has been criminal activity in that area... the car has been detailed... to provide special attention and to deter crime."

However this got started, it's still going on.

It's the kind of police presence most would dream of having outside their front door.

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