Cold weather equals car troubles for many

Cold weather equals car troubles for many

R&T Roadside Service tow truck driver William Wacasey is on his 13th call of the day and he still has several hours left in his shift.

"This cold weather is tearing up these batteries. So if the battery is old of course the car might have problems with batteries. They usually last three to four years," says William Wacasey.

AAA says in just 12 hours Wednesday crews in Cuyahoga County alone responded to more than 1,000 drivers in trouble, most dealing with battery issues.

Barbara Clark was on her way to the grocery store when her car parked outside her Cleveland home wouldn't start.

"It's really cold out here. It just went click-click-click and I just went, 'Oh no.'" Barbara Clark says.

After running a few tests, it didn't take long for William to figure out the problem -- the same diagnosis for dozens of cars he's been called out to in the cold.

And that's bad news for Barbara.

"That's not good at all especially when you don't have money. I'm on a fixed income, I can't afford it right now," says Clark.

Fortunately, someone was able to help Barbara out with a new battery.

There are some places that will check your level for free before you find out it's no good.

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