NEW DETAILS: Ford layoffs only temporary

NEW DETAILS: Ford layoffs only temporary

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - A highly placed State official who had conversations with Ford's government relations person has confirmed that the announced layoff is temporary.

It will occur for a few months in late 2014 and early 2015; however, the company expects the employment level to go back to at least 1,400 jobs in Avon Lake, which is the number approved by the Tax Credit Authority.

It appears that while the layoff may last longer than anticipated that the plant is one where there is existing excess for Ford for new products and that the multi-million dollar investment that was ignored in the gloom and doom predictions were short-sighted, given the long term gains.

This would mean a temporary loss of revenue but as Avon Lake is one of the few Ford facilities with excess production capability available should result in a long term gain.

The company fully plans to meet all of its job and investment obligations statewide.

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