Is the third time the charm?

Cleveland (WOIO) - We've all had job interviews, and most of us left those interviews knowing if we'd sealed the deal, or blown it. Certainly a second interview. So when Mike Pettine, the Bills' defensive coordinator, wrapped up his five-hour meeting with the Browns' brass on Tuesday down in Mobile, Alabama, his second interview with them in the past week, he had to know where he stood. Especially since they never offered him a deal. Right? Not quite.

Turns out the Browns want to meet with him again, here in Cleveland, on Thursday. I can't imagine what they're still waiting to hear from Pettine at this point. You'd like to think, after their quick stop in Tampa on Wednesday to talk with former Bucs coach Greg Schiano, that their minds are finally made up, and tomorrow is when they'll finalize things with Pettine. But there have been so many twists and turns, and misdirections, in this process, who knows?

Granted, the game is different in the multi-billion dollar world of the NFL, but in the end, they are still just people. They're bosses, going through a familiar hiring process, and as we all know in Cleveland, some bosses, and organizations, are just better than others.

But the Browns know their national reputation is on the line. They're running out of time, in their search for a head coach, and his eventual assistants. And so they turn to Pettine again. Is the third time the charm? Is he the guy? If Pettine doesn't know the answer to that already, he will on Thursday.

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