Convicted bank robber tried to trick police

Convicted bank robber tried to trick police
William Brejcha tries to dupe police with a phony phone call.
William Brejcha tries to dupe police with a phony phone call.

CHESTER TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - Chester township police say a bank robber in Geauga County had a devious plan.

The drama started with accused bank robber William Brejcha made a bogus call to Chester township police.

The call contained this plea, " wife just lost her mind. She just shot me. You guys got to get out here now."

Minutes after making that call, meant to divert police, it was Brejcha police say who held up the Chase Bank in Chesterland and pulled a gun on tellers.

Chester Township police chief Mark Purchase says he clearly thought out his plan but it had some flaws.

"Being able to give a street at the eastern end of Chester township and it's a good address but the property owner that resides there has no involvement," observed Purchase.

When Brejcha got away with just about $10,000 he probably thought his diversion plan had worked.

"It's not at all unheard of to create diversion to move resources from the target to further delay or hamper police response," offers Geagua County Sheriff Dan MccCelland."

But Chester township police and Geauga County deputies, working on a tip, trailed Brejcha and surprised him with a tactical felony traffic stop.

Brejcha has been down this road before.

According to Purchase he robbed two banks in 2004 in the same week.

Brejcha hasn't said a word to police.

He's asked for an attorney and remains behind bars.

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