Using propane to heat your home

Using propane to heat your home

MEDINA, OH (WOIO) - On Tuesday we showed you the desperate situation of Rob Murton from Medina. His propane, which is what his furnace burns, was almost empty and he was on a wait list to get more. His delivery came Wednesday night when Murton was down to fumes to heat his home.

"When they got here I was so relieved because I knew we'd be able to turn the heat up one more degree maybe," Murton told us while standing in the freezing cold.

The problem is his propane company was only able to give a partial fill. Because of the shortage companies are rationing propane to its customers. So to conserve Murton continues to keep his heat low, he's using his electric space heaters and even his electric oven is helping to heat the house.

A partial fill on Wednesday night got his tank 46% full. When we checked in Friday morning, after just a day and a half, he's at 40%.

"I just got to hope, hope that it lasts. It's not going to last that long because the colder it gets the furnace doesn't stop running," Murton said.

It's like a ticking clock that Murton has to be constantly worried about but the colder it gets the faster this clock is going to tick. "It's a scary situation. It's like having gas in your car, you know, you run out and you're out. You know it's scary. It's a balancing act."

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