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Parents defend two elementary schools set to shut down


People in one community say they're in a fight to save two elementary schools. Both Lacy Elementary and Holiday Elementary in Hopkinsville are scheduled to shut their doors forever in the fall of 2015, a move that will impact nearly one thousand students.

"Pretty much everyone here that lives here, their grandparents, parents, children, everyone's gone to this school," said William Houchens, a parent of two current Lacy Elementary students. "Our kids, they learn when they go to that school, and they're happy when they get home."

Christian county schools officials said in the midst of major redistricting, the two schools were labeled transitional after a study by architects.

"Transitional means they have the highest number of unmet needs throughout our entire district," said Heather Lancaster of Christian county schools.

More than 50 supporters of Lacy Elementary came to a school board meeting Thursday night, voicing concerns over how long bus rides would take to even the nearest schools.

"I felt we were just brushed away," said Houchens. "We weren't welcome there. This has been going on for quite some time."

Christian county officials said the school board's decision is final.

"We're wanting to keep it open, but I'm not seeing it happening because they're not hearing what the people want," said Patricia Joiner, whose grandchildren attend Lacy Elementary.

Christian county schools officials said they're not clear on where the students at Lacy Elementary and Holiday Elementary will go yet. They said a lot of movement is taking place with an expansion of Pembroke Elementary and sixth grade returning to elementary schools. More decisions will be announced later this year.

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