Danielle's Doghouse: Final Destination Restoration

Danielle's Doghouse: Final Destination Restoration
Jack Groeseer's former investors say his work is all "Jack"ed up.
Jack Groeseer's former investors say his work is all "Jack"ed up.

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Most people hate being "taken".

But that's exactly how one Northeast Ohio resident felt after meeting Jack Groeseer of Final Destination Restoration in Elyria.

Consumer Reporter Danielle Serino first came in contact with Jack after Doris Nay of Sheffield Lake called her to come see home.

She attests the "job" is one of the worst "completed projects" she's ever seen.

"He left this mess. This is the ceiling. It fell in,"said Nay.

She paid Jack Groeseer nearly $35,000 to fix her home after a fire.

"He said it would all be done to my satisfaction and in live in condition. That's what he told me," said Doris.

She believed him.

When Serino confronted him about the problems with Doris Nay's house he had an answer for everything and presented email after email where he detailed his work.

Serino even brought in a member and the former president of the Home Builders Association of Greater Cleveland who said Groeseer didn't do anything illegal.

"I think a lot of what went wrong here could have been circumvented by more detail in the contract and specifications" said past president Enzo Perfetto.

But Serino smelled dog.

Especially after hearing the similar accounts of bogus work from others.

"We make a verb out of his name now like it's 'Jacked up,'" said former investor Tim Bratz.

They reminded us that legal...doesn't mean ethical.

Serino initially let him out of the Doghouse.

Not to the liking of other former clients.

They contacted her after my story on Doris ran, and what they had to say showed Doris wasn't a one time dispute.

"I think you let a bad guy go," said homeowner Terry Boyles.

"Something should have been said long before your interview. I know this ain't the first time he's done this," said former employee Matt Leonard.

Bratz claims Groeseer walked away with about $15,000 for not completing jobs.

Bratz had to pay thousands of dollars for materials to fix mistakes on what Groeseer supposedly did complete.

"To know he looked us in the eye and told us, 'Yeah we are going to make it happen. Or, yeah I am going to take care of you.' Him knowing that he wasn't going to do that and still look us in the eye is a dagger," said Tim.

There were homeowners, including one who declined to go on camera for fear of retaliation, who entered into a legal settlement with Groeseer after she put a down payment on an $11,000 job which he failed to complete.

Needless to say he defaulted on that judgement.

But what really got to Serino was the story from these two former employees who worked on that homeowner's house.

They uprooted themselves and moved to Ohio from a small town in North Carolina after Groeseer promised them a lot of work.

Eric Brady recalls Groeseer told him, "Hey man, you know I'm a contractor. I got tons of work up here. Why don't y'all come up here? I'll pay you $500 a week."

They say not only was that not the case.

He never paid them for the work they did do.

They were desperate.

"We're down to our last scoop of peanut butter in a jar our last piece of bread you know. 'Can we get some money from you to eat?'" Matt said he asked Groeseer.

Danielle asked how did Groeseer get away with his unethical business tactics for so long.

"He's got a good personality. He does maybe a couple of good jobs and takes pictures of it. And shows people on his phone," offered Bratz.

When Serino asked Jack about all those claims he just claimed they are lying.

"Yeah, let's see some hard facts" demanded Groeseer.

So Jack Groeseer of Final Destination Restoration is in Danielle's Doghouse.

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