Westsiders try to dig out as snow flies again

Lakewood, Ohio
Lakewood, Ohio

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Heavy snow moved through Lakewood. It's was hard to see through what was blowing through the air. Police and EMS appeared to be patrolling the streets on the look out for problems.

A snow covered parking meter said it all: relentless snow fall and freezing temperatures. It's the same old forecast played out again and again with no break.

"It's hard. I'm not used to this,"  Samer Gobreial moved to Lakewood from Egypt where there is no snow.  He wasn't sure he'd be able to shovel his way out in time to make it to church.

"I knew that I would have to do this, but I wouldn't think it was that high. I thought it would be something like a couple of inches."

Snow shovels are apparently in short supply. Heather O'Neill woke up to find her shovel stolen.

"It's that time of the year I guess. People get desperate, but I have a pretty good land lord. He brought me a new one right away," says O'Neill.

Not everyone doing trying to dig out because many snow covered sidewalks forcing people like Mackenzie Moore to walk in the street.

"I'm going to work. It's really cold outside. There's a butt ton of snow. You have to walk in the street because no sidewalks are shoveled,"says Moore.

That can be dangerous. Especially when the roads are slippery. Dealing with it all is obviously no walk in the park - not even for the dogs.

"Sometimes he'll put his paw up if he gets really cold. He'll want me to clean off all the snow. He's a prima donna sometimes like that," said Jordan Fleischer about his dog.

Even the toughest of the tough have trouble keeping up with this. Sometimes it's a losing battle as the snow and temperatures continue to fall.