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Indiana House approves constitutional gay marriage ban

Indiana's House of Representatives has approved a proposal that would place the state's gay marriage ban in the constitution.

The proposed ban now heads to the Indiana Senate, where members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are set to take up the issue.  If approved by the Senate, voters will make the final decision in November.

"We have not dismantled this bomb. We have simply placed a longer fuse before it detonates in all of our faces," says Representative Scott Pelath.

After hours of debate, a proposal that would add an amendment banning gay marriage in the state constitution passes the house by a narrow margin, 57-40.

"This is the best case scenario we could hope for at this point," Karen Kajmowicz says.  

Kajmowicz, her wife, Tammy, and their three children recently traveled to Indianapolis to appear before lawmakers as a family.

Kajmowicz and Tammy were legally married in Iowa back in October.  But since their marriage is not recognized at home, the two cannot benefit from many of the privileges afforded to married couples.

"Tammy and I have vowed to each other that we're committed to this and we'll do what we need to do to make sure that we do our part," Kajmowicz says.

The personal stories Kajmowicz and others shared with lawmakers very well could have made a difference.  Monday night, House members decided to remove HJR 3's second sentence banning civil unions.

"I think that once they heard testimony from a lot of people. They really heard the long lasting and the results that could come from that second sentence, I think it enlightened a lot of people really what road that was going to make us travel down. A lot of people, bipartisan, thought that was a bad idea," Kajmowicz says.

Obviously supporters of the measure were encouraged by Tuesday's vote. The Senate could vote on it or make changes sending it back to the House. That's expected in the very near future.

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