RTA bus riders brave the cold

RTA bus riders brave the cold

The RTA bus stops in Cleveland weren't overly crowded Tuesday.

Cuyahoga County workers had the day off work because of the cold and this accounted for some of the decline.

Others, like Cleveland's Gino Burnside, who had to work, had no choice but to brave the ridiculously cold temperatures.

"I got on all these coats -- like four layers," said Burnside. "You gotta be bundled up out here this ain't no joke. This here is some dangerous weather."

Wind chills in downtown Cleveland dipped down to 20 degrees below zero on Tuesday.

"I'm so cold, I'm freezing my butt off," said Surazal Sanders.

But Sanders joined the others who had no choice but to get their butts to work.

"Gotta get to work..that's it," said Mike Gavosky of Euclid. "It's unbearable..but you do what you gotta do."

"I'm used to it. It's the way Cleveland used to be. We haven't had winter like this in quite some time. This is just to let you know this is still Cleveland Ohio. If you forgot, this will remind you," added Gino.

Our farthest traveled trooper award goes to a woman, who wanted to go only by Amber,  wearing three hats and long johns.

"I came from Pittsburgh. It's my mom's 60th birthday", Amber said. "It was so cold they canceled the Megabus so I had to take Greyhound. It's that cold."

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