Editorial Response: Bill Grossman

I am Bill Grossman responding to Bill Applegate's Sin Tax editorial.

Maintaining our stadiums is a priority. We own these facilities and – as property owners - we are responsible for the maintenance and modernization of these facilities.

The Sin Tax costs smokers and drinkers pennies per pack or per drink. It will cost much more if we have to borrow the funds.

We enjoy having major league teams here in Cleveland. We are passionate, opinionated fans and yes, hungry for championships. Jobs have been lost here and for some, it's tough.   Maintaining our sports venues helps to retain jobs and opportunities that have been created by our sports teams and by other events using these facilities.

Teams are privately-owned and there are other markets looking to have major league teams.   Don't kid yourself...it's up to all of us to back our teams.  Support them. Back the extension of the Sin Tax and show the players and owners we have their back. After all, they made investments to bring and keep these major league teams in Cleveland.

Thank you.

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